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Welcome to Orange County Plastic Surgery

Providing Elegant Cosmetic Procedures For over 30 Years

Orange County Plastic Surgeons

We are the leading providers of plastic and reconstructive surgery in Orange County, CA and the surrounding areas. Our board certified specialists have over a decade of service in the field. We pride ourselves on our outstanding dedication to you and your safety while creating a comfortable and nurturing setting that achieves maximum benefits and outcomes. At Plastic Surgery Associates of Orange County, you can rest assured that you will receive the best treatment and care. We use the most advanced surgery technologies and techniques available in the field of cosmetic surgery, and are also a partner in The N.E.W. Program Bariatric Center, which offers the most comprehensive and body contouring surgery available. Read for yourself why our plastic surgeons in Orange County come highly recommended and are the best in their field.


Your presence at our website is the first step in uncovering the YOU that lingers just out of sight. Choosing surgery to address physical attributes can be as exciting as it is frightening. You want to feel what it is like to live without the constraints that currently hold you back and yet surgery is a dramatic and serious step that should not be taken lightly. Check out a brief list of the procedures we offer to help you make your decision.


Our friendly and dynamic staff is here to provide you with outstanding service and care. We believe that optimal results are achieved when the patient is involved in the process and as committed to the success of the outcome as we are. We respect your choices and work with you to choose the elements of your change. We tie your choices to realistic and achievable outcomes that will meet and exceed your ideal outcome. Learn more about us and our doctors and give us a call today to schedule your free consultation!


Please feel free to contact us directly with specific questions about your situation and we will be happy to get you the answers you are seeking. We look forward to working with you!

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Bio Cream
Hyalis (hyaluronate)
Lumere (eye cream)
Journee Day Cream

Elta MD Sunscreen

eltaDaily 40 spf (moisture)
Daily Tinted
Sheild 45 spf (oily to normal)
Cleer 46 spf (acne/redness)
Aero 45 spf (waterproof spray)
Sport 50 spf (waterproof)
Physical (tinted waterproof)

Elta MD

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PM Moisturizer
Foaming Cleanser
Gel Cleanser



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