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Breast Augmentation / Mastopexy

Case 1022

Dr. Kachenmeister discusses this case. This 35-year-old patient stands 5’7” tall and weighs 130 lbs. She felt her breasts were too low, and she lacked fullness in the upper portion. Even though her sternal notch-to- nipple distance measured 22 cm, the nipples were actually below the inframammary crease level which necessitated a breast lift. We elected to place 500 cc, silicone, textured, high profile implants in the submuscular position and then perform a simultaneous mastopexy bilaterally. She is very happy with her new breasts.

Case 1029

Dr. Kachenmeister discusses this case. This patient is 35 years old and has had several children. She stands 5’4” tall and weighs 120 lb. After breastfeeding, her breasts became quite ptotic, and she wished to have them both uplifted and made larger. We used an anchor pattern scar for her breast lift and inserted submuscular Sientra, 440 cc, high profile, textured implants to help restore the upper breast fullness. She is very happy with her size and shape.

Case 1030

Dr. Kachenmeister discusses this case. This 34-year-old patient stands 5’1” and weighs 130 lb. She wished to not only lift her breasts but make them quite large. She decided on having silicone gel-filled implants and requested them to be made at least a DD. She sized in the office and requested 500 cc implants. Therefore, we not only lifted her breasts but inserted submuscular 500 cc gel implants.

Case 1031

Dr. Kachenmeister discusses this case. After nursing several children, she noticed drooping of her breasts and wished to have them not only made larger but more uplifted. She underwent a mastopexy with augmentation. She wished to be a large C or small D, and therefore she received 400 cc implants which were inserted into the submuscular position. She naturally had a very wide cleavage space which remains that way postoperatively.

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